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Why subtitles are great for language learning

The debate about the value of subtitles for language learning goes like this: Doesn’t reading the text distract from listening to the language? Doubt is cast. And doubt breeds frustration… [Silent Frustration] Image from

Welcome to DuoLingo! Let's start

Speekee reviews DuoLingo Spanish

It was voted iPhone’s App of the Year last year. It claims 12.5 million active users. Welcome to DuoLingo! Duolingo is a free language-learning and crowdsourced text translation platform which was born in 2011. Its...


What Flipping the Classroom means to me

R vanderEyken A place to create, excite and innovate Paul @ PE4Learning Self paced, anytime, anywhere learning for our students What are these education experts talking about? Awesome Teachers If there’s nothing new under...

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