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Jill Stanish reviews Speekee Accelerate

Over the last 10 years of homeschooling my 6 kids, we have tried multiple Spanish programs including computer programs, workbooks, and DVD courses. Speekee has been the most entertaining, while fostering the most interaction...


The Flexibility of Learning Spanish with Speekee

Over the Summer we have been working on some exciting new changes to the Speekee website; changes which will be especially welcome to professional teachers as well as parents who are acting as teachers...


Virtual versus Real

I had planned this time around to be writing about how Speekee combines the real world with a virtual counterpart as a great way for kids to learn Spanish. I’ll save that post for next time...


Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

Since when did adults become engrossed in games originally designed for children? This advert for the new Pokémon craze features just one child (sandwiched between two adults) and a whole host of hip thirty somethings....

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Teaching Spanish through Song

Doesn’t that work well! Here are just some of the reasons why: Songs are great for language learning (you know how quickly you memorise song lyrics in English; the same applies in Spanish) The...

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7 Ways to Turn Your Home into a Spanish-Immersion Oasis

We are delighted to welcome back Paul Mains to write for Speekee this week! An article Paul authored for us recently – A Guided Tour of Spanish Dialects Across the Globe – has been shared hundreds of times across...


Bilingual Kids Rock… with podcasts!

Look around on the Net for podcasts on the subject of Bilingualism. I can assure you that you’ll find none better than the bank of podcasts by Olena Centeno of Bilingual Kids Rock. Olena is a...

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Solving the Homework Problem [Infographic]

Homework. Aaargh! Last weekend my 12 year-old son was faced with a small mountain of revision to do before an upcoming exam. And it struck me very quickly that there was a missing link....


How to use the subtitles in the Speekee videos

Do you know about the value of subtitles for learning languages? Speekee comes with optional subtitles. You can choose between Spanish and English, both languages at the same time, or watch with no subtitles...


Why subtitles are great for language learning

The debate about the value of subtitles for language learning goes like this: Doesn’t reading the text distract from listening to the language? Doubt is cast. And doubt breeds frustration… [Silent Frustration] Image from

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