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El Clásico: When the two biggest Spanish football clubs meet

There’s no more eagerly anticipated fixture in the Spanish club football calendar than FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid, or Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona (to avoid appearing biased in favour of the team mentioned...

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A Guide to the Coasts of Spain’s Mainland

Is it time to blast away those Winter blues and plan your Summer holiday to Spain? Our guide to the coasts of Spain’s mainland is designed to help you make your choice. Enjoy! Costa...


The Curious Tale of the Bilingual Siblings

Meet Joe and Maggie, two of the Spanish speaking kids who feature in the Speekee videos: Above they are shown in Series 2. Look how they were in Series 1! Joe and Maggie are...


Spain: The Basics. Languages

¡Hola! Here’s another in our no-frills posts highlighting facts about the beautiful country of Spain. You may also be interested in these other posts from the same series: Climate Cities Flamenco Tapas The Spanish...

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