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What’s the difference between a person and a brain?

One of our most popular recent Facebook posts featured this image: We often post infographics about Bilingualism and for some reason this one went mildly viral. How does that work folks?? Anyway, the infographic got me...

primary language teachers forum facebook

In praise of Facebook’s Languages in Primary Schools forum

Well done Facebook. I know you come in for a lot of criticism from some quarters but you won’t hear me complaining. (Anyway, what would be the point?) I must say, you are certainly...


Bilingual Kids Rock… with podcasts!

Look around on the Net for podcasts on the subject of Bilingualism. I can assure you that you’ll find none better than the bank of podcasts by Olena Centeno of Bilingual Kids Rock. Olena is a...

Speekee Spanish for Kids

The Making of Speekee the Puppet

In this age of virtual reality is the puppet maker’s art going unappreciated? Here in a tribute to master puppet maker Neil Sterenberg, we reveal how Speekee the puppet came together thanks to Neil’s...

extinction of languages

How serious is the extinction of a language?

I posed this question in a survey: Is the extinction of an animal species worse than the extinction of a language? It’s a question that has provoked a reaction… “This is stupid. One question?...

Hotel Benalmádena Palace

Hotel Benalmádena Palace

It was my great pleasure at the weekend to spend two nights in Hotel Benalmádena Palace, located in the town of Benalmádena on Spain’s Costa del Sol. [image from from] This hotel is a firm family favourite...

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