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Speekee Spanish for Kids

The Making of Speekee the Puppet

In this age of virtual reality is the puppet maker’s art going unappreciated? Here in a tribute to master puppet maker Neil Sterenberg, we reveal how Speekee the puppet came together thanks to Neil’s...

Rodolfo Llinás

Don’t burn the child’s brain!

Bilingual neuroscientist stresses the importance of teaching children to think This is Rodolfo Llinás M.D., Ph.D. Llinás is Professor of Neuroscience and Chairman of the department of Physiology & Neuroscience at the NYU School...

technology homework problem

Solving the Homework Problem [Infographic]

Homework. Aaargh! Last weekend my 12 year-old son was faced with a small mountain of revision to do before an upcoming exam. And it struck me very quickly that there was a missing link....


What Flipping the Classroom means to me

R vanderEyken A place to create, excite and innovate Paul @ PE4Learning Self paced, anytime, anywhere learning for our students What are these education experts talking about? Awesome Teachers If there’s nothing new under...

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