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Spanish for homeschoolers with Speekee


Cathy Duffy Reviews Speekee’s Spanish Homeschool Programs

You can tell a reviewer is ‘worth their salt’ when they request to review not one but both of your Spanish homeschool programs. So it was with Cathy Duffy (pictured). Cathy Duffy is best...

Chloe (age 7) talks about Speekee Accelerate – Spanish for Kids

Chloe (age 7) talks about Speekee Accelerate – Spanish for Kids

Thanks to Kelly Thornhill and to her daughter Chloe for posting this video! Check out Speekee Accelerate here.


Jill Stanish reviews Speekee Accelerate

Over the last 10 years of homeschooling my 6 kids, we have tried multiple Spanish programs including computer programs, workbooks, and DVD courses. Speekee has been the most entertaining, while fostering the most interaction...


The Flexibility of Learning Spanish with Speekee

Over the Summer we have been working on some exciting new changes to the Speekee website; changes which will be especially welcome to professional teachers as well as parents who are acting as teachers...


Learning Speekee by heart

Funny expression that, “learning by heart“. Have you ever thought about its meaning? I found this online: How does it happen we say we learn things ‘by heart’ instead of ‘by head’? It’s because...


Speekee Spanish Worksheets

Love this pic! Does this look like a happy, healthy learning environment to you? It does to me. These children are in the US of A and they are homeschooled. Here they are shown...


Spanish videos for children, Speekee style

You’ll know by now that Speekee is video based Spanish learning. Yes, the videos – there are 41 of them – form the ‘bedrock’ of your child’s Spanish learning, but should they be perceived...


New! Receive Speekee curriculum lessons by email every week

We offer two popular curriculums which suit homeschoolers best, but also fit for any parent who wants to get involved with their child’s Spanish learning. We highly recommend that! (If you are a schoolteacher,...

Speekee accelerate

Speekee® Accelerate

Accelerate your child towards fluent Spanish in just 40 weeks with our new Spanish Homeschool curriculum ideal for children aged 8+ (Yes, that’s me doing the commentary!) Sign up for Accelerate now at Until...


Speekee’s friends Dino and Lupi

I have found myself on a trip down memory lane for this week’s blog. Many years have passed since the original ideas for Speekee came together. One of those ideas was the use of...

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