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New! Receive Speekee curriculum lessons by email every week

We offer two popular curriculums which suit homeschoolers best, but also fit for any parent who wants to get involved with their child’s Spanish learning. We highly recommend that! (If you are a schoolteacher,...

Speekee accelerate

Speekee® Accelerate

Accelerate your child towards fluent Spanish in just 40 weeks with our new Spanish Homeschool curriculum ideal for children aged 8+ (Yes, that’s me doing the commentary!) Sign up for Accelerate now at Until...


Speekee’s friends Dino and Lupi

I have found myself on a trip down memory lane for this week’s blog. Many years have passed since the original ideas for Speekee came together. One of those ideas was the use of...

Speekee's FastTrack program is so hands-on!

Homeschooler Kimberly Lacey reviews Speekee’s FastTrack program

Homeschooler Kimberly Lacey reviews Speekee’s FastTrack program Come join us on a grand adventure! My name is Kimberly and I am a homeschooling mom of 3. My 9 and 2 year old daughters are...

Speekee Spanish for Kids

The Making of Speekee the Puppet

In this age of virtual reality is the puppet maker’s art going unappreciated? Here in a tribute to master puppet maker Neil Sterenberg, we reveal how Speekee the puppet came together thanks to Neil’s...


Speekee’s Spanish FastTrack program for Homeschoolers – in their own words

Introducing our Spanish FastTrack program for Homeschoolers! For 4-7 year olds we provide a hugely popular 40 week program designed specially for Homeschoolers. It’s called FastTrack and it costs just $7.50 per month. Every...

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