Announcing Speekee TV Immersion Connect

We’re pleased to announce the availability of Speekee TV Immersion Connect, the latest upgrade to Speekee TV. You know that Speekee TV is an immersion program and with Immersion Connect children can now:

  • Connect virtually with the characters from Speekee
  • Immerse themselves in a multi-sensory Spanish experience
  • Listen, speak, read and respond in Spanish
  • Be rewarded for using the Spanish language they have learned
  • Measure their progression by earning points and levelling up
  • Create their own virtual sock puppet

All the new features of Immersion Connect are available on the right hand side of the Speekee TV screen as shown above.

Get a free Speekee T-shirt

We’re very excited about this latest evolution of Speekee and to celebrate we have 10 Speekee T-shirts to give away. For a chance of winning a free T-shirt you simply need to tell your friends to subscribe to Speekee TV. When they subscribe they’ll be asked “How did you hear about Speekee TV?” to which they should respond with your email address. The more friends subscribe the more chances you have of winning.

The T-shirt offer closes midnight (UK time) on 25 July 2012. T-shirts are available in 3 sizes: Ages 3-4, ages 5-6 and ages 7-8.

What’s happened to worksheets and awards?

We’ve moved a few things around to maximise the learning benefits of Speekee TV. Worksheets are now found in Speekee FastTrack. Awards have been moved into the messages scroller on the right hand side – as soon as you make friends with Speekee your awards will be displayed as a message from Speekee.


We’ve tested Immersion Connect in a range of modern browsers, but Immersion Connect is not currently available on the iPad or iPhone (but Speekee TV is). We’re working on that!

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