A Peruvian Mystery

Of all the Spanish speaking countries in the world, Perú is the one which best carries the epithet ‘mysterious’. Mystery equates to “We don’t understand”!

Take a look at this site located on the northern outskirts of Cusco:

image: wowpictures.link

Saksaywaman (meaning Falcon) is a megalithic structure, that is to say it was built with very large stones.

How large? Well, you can see a couple of people walking above the largest stones situated in the first row, so that will give you an idea of scale. Let’s go in for a closer look:

image: hiddenincatours.com

Very large and very heavy. Imagine transporting these stones to their place of rest. Do you think a sophisticated pulley system would be enough for that task? How about a giant cart pulled by a dozen horses? Let’s go closer still:

image: lostorigins.com

Every single stone a perfect fit. No mortar involved. The very definition of ‘interlocking’!

It is known that the first structure at Saksaywaman was not built by the Inca (13th-16th century). They built at the same site but did so at a later date.

image: wanderinggoo.blogspot.com

Look at the stonework on the right in the above image. That was done by the Inca and in comparison to the main structure it looks like filling. The megaliths themselves were put there by an earlier civilisation, perhaps by the Killke culture (900-1200 AD).

I would love to ask them: How did you do it??

What’s your own theory?


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