A May Cross stripped bare

From this:

To this:
Spanish cultural resources: May Crosses

And back to this again:

Establishments in the Old Quarter of Arcos de la Frontera who choose to take part in the annual May Crosses event, are, for a couple of days, given a large plastic cross peppered with many small holes.

You will notice that squeezed into the cross is a squashy green substance. I don’t know the name of that stuff but, when wetted, it serves as a kind of bedding for the flower stems which nestle into it so they don’t fall out. Once the flowers go in you get a rather beautiful effect such as the one shown in picture two above. And then it’s a case of whatever decoration you surround your cross with.

This year our family chose something of a flamenco theme for the cross we decorated:

courtesy of: http://azaharsemanasanta.blogspot.com.es

All good fun!


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