A little feedback

We love to get feedback! Here are some selected comments we’ve received recently:

“I think Speekee is a wonderful program.”

“Thank you for providing this wonderful site.”

“I think Speekee is a wonderful program.” (again!)

“…when I have been in contact the staff have been really helpful.” (Glad to hear it!)

“The program is wonderful!  …. Thank you for creating such a wonderful tool to teach Spanish! Please, consider making similar programs in other languages!”

“My kids, esp my 3 yr old daughter, have loved these shows. They’ve even started using Spanish words here and there without us prompting them!”

“I will highly recommend this program to families with young children.”

You can email us with feedback or suggestions for improvement. Here’s one such example:

“If you could gear some shows towards 10-13 year old but using the same format 100% in Spanish…” (Well, Jim’s mentioned Speekee 2 a couple of times. I don’t know exactly what he has in mind bit I do know that it will be fantastic).

Receiving comments on our product feels like a gift. But like any gift, perhaps the greater pleasure is in giving than receiving. And so I’m very happy to say that the team at www.bitsontherun.com are FANTASTIC! Not only do they have a great product, but their service is impeccable. Thank you!

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