A busy month for the Speekee Scheme of Work

I’ve just checked the statistics for how much the Speekee Spanish Scheme of Work is being used and October 2012 has been our busiest month ever! Even though it’s only the 19th of the month we’ve had more page impressions than in any other month. More page impressions means more teachers using Speekee, and that means more children learning Spanish, and that means we are succeeding in our mission. A great start to my weekend 🙂

Right now we’re working on a significant new product line – an online only version of the Scheme of Work. A bit like Speekee TV, this will be an online only, subscription service. It combines the existing Scheme of Work and its 200 lesson plans with high definition streamed video available anywhere you have an internet connection. From speaking to teachers across the globe we believe this will be a great new service: no more searching for DVDs or waiting for us to ship products to you! I hope this new product line will be ready in just a few weeks – look out for updates.

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