Monthly Archive: June 2016


Celebrating 10 years of Speekee!

There’s no great fanfare over here at Speekee Central but we’re quietly proud of the achievement: 10 years in operation! I still remember quite vividly the wildly creative brainstorming process in early 2006 – those reams...

mags blog

Then and Now – Maggie from Speekee

Eagle eyed viewers will know that some of the children who appear in Speekee Series One also appear in the second series. Can you name them? They are: Joe, Victoriano, Ana Belén and Maggie....


School languages ‘deep in the doldrums’

Joined-up thinking they call it don’t they. If foreign language learning in the UK education system made sense then it would start at primary level, be consolidated at secondary level and flower at university level....

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