Monthly Archive: November 2015


The Curious Tale of the Bilingual Siblings

Meet Joe and Maggie, two of the Spanish speaking kids who feature in the Speekee videos: Above they are shown in Series 2. Look how they were in Series 1! Joe and Maggie are...


What’s the difference between a person and a brain?

One of our most popular recent Facebook posts featured this image: We often post infographics about Bilingualism and for some reason this one went mildly viral. How does that work folks?? Anyway, the infographic got me...

song learning

Teaching Spanish through Song

Doesn’t that work well! Here are just some of the reasons why: Songs are great for language learning (you know how quickly you memorise song lyrics in English; the same applies in Spanish) The...


Spanish teachers! Win a 1-year subscription to Speekee!

We’ve teamed up with, the massively popular teaching resources site, to offer you the opportunity to win one of three annual subscriptions to Speekee’s Spanish Scheme of Work. Are you a Spanish teacher...

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