Monthly Archive: May 2015


Spain: The Basics. Tapas

Tapas are as synonomous with Spain as sun and sandy beaches. There are several theories about how tapas, which are basically bar snacks, came into being. ‘Tapa’ literally means ‘cover’ or ‘lid’, and a...


All About Accentuation: Tackling the Tilde in Spanish

Paul Mains returns to write for Speekee’s blog this week, and offers us some top tips about accents in the Spanish language. Paul writes on behalf of Language Trainers, a language tutoring service offering...

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6 Must-Know Facts for Visitors to Doñana

The Doñana National Park occupies 2,700 square kilometres of land on Spain’s south western tip. It was once the hunting ground of Spanish kings and nowadays its treasure trove of flora and fauna acts...


A Conversation about Spanish versus English

Perhaps there is no art in the ‘art of conversation’; my own theory is that the very best conversations have no idea where they are heading, no interest in any particular objective. Such conversations...

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