Monthly Archive: March 2015

PracticeSpan (1)

7 Ways to Turn Your Home into a Spanish-Immersion Oasis

We are delighted to welcome back Paul Mains to write for Speekee this week! An article Paul authored for us recently – A Guided Tour of Spanish Dialects Across the Globe – has been shared hundreds of times across...


Bilingual Kids Rock… with podcasts!

Look around on the Net for podcasts on the subject of Bilingualism. I can assure you that you’ll find none better than the bank of podcasts by Olena Centeno of Bilingual Kids Rock. Olena is a...

leon in spain

The Lion is Roaring. The city of León, Spain

Ana’s back! We’ve already enjoyed reading her informative introduction to Marbella and about her crazy life as a substitute teacher in Spain. Now, in this witty and highly informative piece, Ana tells us about the...

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