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Speekee’s Spanish FastTrack program for Homeschoolers – in their own words

Introducing our Spanish FastTrack program for Homeschoolers! For 4-7 year olds we provide a hugely popular 40 week program designed specially for Homeschoolers. It’s called FastTrack and it costs just $7.50 per month. Every...


Five key questions on Bilingualism answered by the experts

You may already be familiar with François Grosjean, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor of psycholinguistics at the University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland. He’s one of the world’s most respected authorities on Bilingualism. Here are five key questions...

Speekee on YouTube

Speekee’s new video clip series on YouTube

The second Speekee series, filmed last year and launched a few months ago, includes more than 30 videos. Compare that with the first series from 2007 which contained 10 videos. We’ve been busy (-;...

extinction of languages

How serious is the extinction of a language?

I posed this question in a survey: Is the extinction of an animal species worse than the extinction of a language? It’s a question that has provoked a reaction… “This is stupid. One question?...


How to learn Spanish – Experts’ Tips

After many months of careful observation on Twitter (!) we picked out twelve experts on Spain and Spanish, asking them for their top tips on learning the language. Here’s what they told us… Lindsay...

KS2 spanish resources

KS2 Spanish Resources for Teachers (look no further!)

Have you been searching for resources to help you teach KS2 Spanish? Are you looking for a one-stop solution or an add-on to your existing resource bank? Speekee’s got it covered! Our massively updated...

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