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technology homework problem

Solving the Homework Problem [Infographic]

Homework. Aaargh! Last weekend my 12 year-old son was faced with a small mountain of revision to do before an upcoming exam. And it struck me very quickly that there was a missing link....

teaching spanish to kids

Simple ideas for teaching Spanish to Kids

#1 Impossible animal colors! How does it work?  Cut out animal shapes and color in with crazy colors. Now practice the language! Example: Un elefante rojo / A red elephant #2 Colored block tower...

sylvie rawlings

10 Top Tips for Primary Language Teachers

Thank you to Sylvie Rawlings for putting these great tips together for us all! [Ideal for French and Spanish teachers]   About me: I am an MFL teacher and Language Coordinator who after 20...


12 reasons why expats in Spain return “home”

1. No dream lifestyle “I think in all honesty that the dream bubble of living in the sun has burst for so many people. There is a big difference between sitting on a sunny...


How to use the subtitles in the Speekee videos

Do you know about the value of subtitles for learning languages? Speekee comes with optional subtitles. You can choose between Spanish and English, both languages at the same time, or watch with no subtitles...

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