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Guest post – 50 Interesting Facts about Spanish Culture

Are you learning Spanish? Maybe you’d love to live in Spain or just visit? Whatever the case, Spain is an amazing country rich in history and culture. From the food to the music to...

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The Voice of Speekee is up for an Award!

When you see me and Speekee interact, you are hearing my voice and that of Vicky Tessio. Vicky is a voiceover artist and I think she did an outstandingly good job as the voice of Speekee....


Sing through Spain on October 8th in London!

ECHOES FESTIVAL | Family Concert: Singing Through Spain with the Aglaia Trio Sun 8 October 2017, 3.30pm St Saviour’s Church St George’s Square, Lupus Street, Pimlico London SW1V 3QW United Kingdom ‘A unique exploration...


A message I posted on a TripAdvisor forum about my stay in a Madrid apartment

I recently blogged about a visit I made to Madrid this Summer with my two teenage children. The purpose of that bulletin was to highlight some interesting things to do in Spain’s capital city with...

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Where they buried Francisco Franco, Spain’s dictator from 1939-1975

Today we delve into Spain’s history. This is the Valley of the Fallen, or Valle de los Caídos. It is situated close to Madrid, a little to the north west. Only rarely these days do...


Speekee works with Chromecast

I have to confess I had never heard of Chromecast until a customer asked me about its compatibility with Speekee, recently via Facebook. If you didn’t know what Chromecast was either here’s an image...

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